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E Cig Batteries: The Power to Vape

Batteries for E Cigs, giving you the power to vape day and night. We stock a selection of high quality batteries from the likes of Kanger, Innokin and Aspire, these are well known manufacturers supplying top notch products. Whether you’re after a rechargeable battery to power your E Cig on the go or a mains charger to power up your E Cig at home, you’re sure to find the best electronic cigarette batteries and accessories here on our website. Below you'll find a quick overview of E Cig battery types.

Variable Voltage Batteries - Hit Control

E Cig variable voltage batteries are designed to give you the ability to fine-tune your vaping experience depending on your preferences. You can increase the voltage for a more intense vape or reduce the voltage for a subtler intake. For most variable voltage batteries all you need to do is turn a dial at the bottom to adjust the battery voltage. Most people find that they prefer a high voltage for some E-Liquid flavours and a lower for others. Either way, our variable voltage batteries give an advantage to allow you to control the amount of vapour and for throat hit needs from your E Cigs.

Higher mAh = Longer Lasting Batteries

The mAh rating of an electronic cigarette battery will determine how long your battery will last. Without getting into the technical side of things a greater mAh battery rating will give you a longer lasting battery life. If you’re after the longest lasting e cig battery life, you’re best off with a battery that is 1000 mAh or 1600 mAh from the most common ecig batteries we offer. Here at TekCig we stock a number of different electronic cigarette batteries, each of which have different mAh ratings to suit your needs. Keep in mind that the higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery life.

Connection types: eGo or 510

When choosing a battery for E Cig, you also need to consider its connection types. eGo and 510 are the names for the connection threads between your E Cig battery and clearomizer tank. The majority of batteries will offer both the eGo and 510 battery threads; however the same cannot be said for clearomizer tanks. Therefore it's always best to check the thread type of the battery you are buying and to make sure it will fit with your existing electronic cigarette accessories. All of our products pages show the thread type if applicable.

Backup Batteries: They're a must

Having an extra rechargeable electronic cigarette battery or two in your arsenal can seriously save the day when you're running out of power and all you want to do is vape. The other beauty of having a backup E Cig battery is while you are vaping with one you can have the other on charge. Of course you can go with batteries that have a passthrough function, meaning you can charge it as you vape, however we still highly recommend a spare (or two!).

E Cig Battery Safety

One of the most important factors is safety when it comes to batteries for E Cigs. If you’re after the best e cigarette battery, there’s no better choice from the selection we have to offer. As said before we only supply high quality products and that goes for our batteries too. From well known manufacturers such as Kanger, Innokin and Aspire you're in safe hands. All of our batteries are fully tested and comply with UK safety regulations.


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