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E CIG Atomizer Heads

Top E Cig Tank Atomizers

E Cig atomizer heads are the heart of any clearomizer tank, they provide the vapour to give the throat hit and flavour you desire from your electronic cigarette. The majority of clearomizer tanks are now rebuildable, this gives you the ability to replace the atomizer making them very cost effective overall.

Here at TekCig we offer a range of electronic cigarette atomizers that will suit your clearomizer, these are from the likes of Aspire, Innokin and Kanger. We can be trusted to provide only genuine atomizer heads from these well known manufacturers.

To save any confusion electronic cigarette atomizer heads are also known as e cig coils. We sell our atomizer heads in packs of five for convenience and to keep costs down for you .

Choosing the right Atomizer

When choosing replaceable atomizers it's always worth making sure you are selecting the correct one before buying as almost each clearomizer tank comes with its own type of coil. They are usually not compatible with other tanks, for example you cannot put a Kanger coil in an Aspire tank. We clearly mark which tanks each atomizer is compatible with on each product page, however if you are still not sure you can always drop us an email and we'll be quick to help.

Types of Atomizer Heads

With so many electronic cigarette products on the market you'll find a lot types of atomizer heads too. With single coil, dual coil, long wicks, short wicks and number of wicks to confuse you even more, all you really need to know is what fits the type of tank you have. They all actually work in the same manner and that is to turn your e liquid into vapour. Generally electronic cigarette manufacturers are now moving away from the single coil to the dual coil type which provide a better 'soak' up of e liquid as well as the vaporising rate.

Low or High Ohm Rating?

So you know the correct atomizer head you need however now you're stuck with another choice, the ohm rating. With the exception of Sub Ohm coils the majority of e cig atomizers heads for standard electronic cigarettes are available from anywhere between 1.5ohm to 2.5ohm. So which should you choose. In basic terms with a lower ohm rating you'll get a greater throat hit and a much warmer vapour release, as you increase the ohm rating the throat hit reduces as does the temperature of the vapour produced.

How long do they last?

With regular vaping use, meaning good use of your electronic cigarette throughout the day, even the very best e cig atomizer will only last around two weeks on average before it needs to be replaced. Changing your e cig atomizer coil regularly will ensure that you continue to enjoy the rich, full flavours of your e cig liquid and produce the big clouds of vapour which are so satisfying.

When you vape atomizer coils work extremely hard and undergo a lot of wear and tear due to the cycles of heat. If you clean your clearmozier tank and e cig atomizer heads out regularly you might be able to extend the use to 3 or maybe 4 weeks. However as coil units are fairly cheap it can be more convenient to buy them in packs of five so you have a good ten weeks of vaping.