Vape Dodo

With unique flavour blends and a memorable, if curious, brand name, Vape Dodo is a collection which has been attracting the interest of vapers, including us as it turns out! We think you will appreciate the quality of the juice and it tastes amazing but why the Dodo we hear you ask!

The Vape Dodo Story

Oh! We love a good backstory! Unfortunately, there isn’t much of one here!

Probably realising that their chosen brand name might be a cause of some consternation, the team at Vape Dodo have proffered an explanation. Apparently, the Dodo is synonymous with adventure. And there was us thinking it was synonymous with being dead!

Vape Dodo was founded by three friends who love to travel. Are you suitably amazed? Stay with us! It is their expeditions to places far and wide which have inspired their flavours. The result is unique blends which represent the sights, sounds and foods that they have experienced. The vape Dodo team value craft and creativity and so everything from the e liquids to the boxes they are packaged in has been carefully designed and lovingly made.

Premium e liquids honouring special places are presented in boxes embellished with unique illustrations echoing the team’s adventures. Take a close look at the bottles and you will discover the coordinates of the destination that inspired the flavour. The five flavours in the collection were chosen from no less than 250 experimental blends so you are investing in the best of the best! Further flavours and special editions are planned but we don’t know if this means the team are off travelling again or if the juices honour their previous forays into the unknown.

Vape Dodo Flavours

Maurizio, Jonny and Matt set out to create something beautiful and we think they have succeeded! You may not be terribly interested in their gap year or the history of the extinct Dodo and all it represents but the juice is impressive. Here’s the flavours you can experience:

Alpine Berry – Fruity juice with hints of mint inspired by the Southern Alps

Cast Away Coconut – Indulgent flavour capturing the essence of a tropical island

Raspberry Moonshine – Sweet and moreish raspberry and wine flavour

Smooth Forbidden Peach – Creamy yogurt and sweet peaches

Wild tobacco – Vanilla and orange liqueur with tobacco notes

The Low-Down on the Dodo

Vape Dodo flavours are available nicotine-free in short fill bottles (80VG) or in 10ml bottles with nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg (70VG). Perfect for sub-ohm devices and dripping, the e liquids are original and of premium quality. We’re still not sure about the Dodo thing, but we are sure that when you have tasted this juice, you will be spitting feathers if you can’t get your hands on more!