A delicious collection of candy flavoured treats, Strapped offers a pleasing blend of sweetness, zing and nostalgia. You will be transported straight back to your youth by memories of childhood trips to the corner shop! These carefully conceived flavours capture the authentic taste of your favourite sweets and deliver intense flavour with every puff. The bright and breezy juices will delight your palate and the Chubby Gorilla bottles are completed by funky graphics.

There’s four flavours enjoy with Strapped and each is made in the UK and supplied in a short fill bottle. You get 25ml for your tank and the juice is nicotine-free. There’s room in the bottles for your nicotine shots which you can buy here at Vapester and we think you will enjoy vaping the tasty juices which Strapped rather brilliantly describe as Candy Powered Vapes.

Bubblegum Drumstick – enticing combination of bubblegum and chewy lolly pop

Sour Apple Refresher – sharp apple notes and sherbet fizz

Strawberry Sour Belts – Fruity vape with sour notes like the sweets

Tangy Tutti Frutti – what can we say? It’s tangy and fruity!