It’s juice but not as we know it! Purportedly created from a range of far-out intergalactic ingredients including snoz berries and zang fruit, this enigmatic collection of flavours truly packs a punch. Each vibrant juice is based on space fizz (cola to you or I) and delivers a unique flavour sensation which you could say is out of this world.

When the flavourists at Shlurp started evolving their recipes, the stars must have been aligned on planet Zog or wherever their lab is located! (It’s in the UK which rather ruins the story!) The fizzing flavours offer something unique and exciting to liven up your vaping life and are all 80VG/20PG for mega clouds. We should also mention that you can choose a nicotine concentration of 3mg or 6mg and Schlurp e liquids are supplied in packs of four 10ml bottles.

You are unlikely to mistake a bottle of Shlurp juice for anything else currently available as the colourful branding matches the vibrancy of the flavours which are as follows:

Cold Filtered – Mixed fruits from another galaxy blended with space fizz (cola), a hint of mint and a lunar chill (menthol).

Export – Space Fizz and a liberal dose of zang fruit (mixed berries)

Original – Zang fruit, Space Fizz and zog plant (aloe vera)

Aloe vera! We never thought we would see the day but it has arrived! Aloe vera in an e liquid! Shlurp juice is weird, wonderful and just a little bit out there but above all, it’s delicious!


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