Ruthless in Pursuit of Flavour

Original, delicious and eminently cool, the Ruthless premium e liquid range will add a new dimension to your vaping experience. If you haven’t tried this juice yet, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get Ruthless! The flavours are all fruit based but if that doesn’t sound especially exciting, bear with us! These are fruity flavours with unique twists which have been taking the vaping world by storm. Characterised by unusual cocktails, surprising notes and a high VG base for impressive clouds, Ruthless e liquids offer plenty to please your palate.

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What’s on the Menu?

EZ Duz It - an uber-refreshing blend of strawberry and watermelon

EZ Duz It On Ice - strawberry and watermelon with a surprising hint of mint

Swamp Thang - zingy and sharp hard apple candy flavour

Slurricane - a mega blast of papaya, guava and peach

Jungle Fever - a mango, pineapple and citrus cocktail fit for Tarzan

Grape Drank - fun and funky grape soda flavour

Rise - an oriental fusion of mango and lychee with a hint of jackfruit

Rise on Ice - mango and lychee with a menthol kick

If you appreciate fruity juice, Ruthless flavours are pure vaping heaven! Every e liquid is worth trying for the amazing taste and then there are the impressive clouds!

Ruthlessly Cooking Up a Storm

The team at Ruthless have been busy cooking up amazing flavours since 2011. CEO Allen Querido attended culinary school but could not have envisaged that it would be e liquid recipes which would be the foundation of his success!

Querido and good friend Ramon Barredo were introduced to e cigarettes when visiting family in the Philippines. Both were smokers and whilst Querido only indulged occasionally, Ramon was up to a pack a day and had struggled to quit the habit. He was handed a vaporizer by a cousin and then everything changed.

Back in their native California, the dynamic duo learnt more about vaping but found themselves unimpressed with the available flavours. There were certainly plenty to choose from but Querido and Barredo felt that the e liquids lacked any imagination. So, they set about mixing their own more creative juices.

California Kitchen

Having invested in some flavourings, the enterprising pair got to work in Barredo’s kitchen. They came up with several recipes that they believed possessed the wow factor. A local vape shop agreed to sell their juice and within months it was selling like hot cakes. Ruthless had outgrown the domestic kitchen and moved to a small warehouse in La Puentes.

Querido and Barredo offered their products to more and more stores and promoted the brand via social media. The fabulous juice was gathering an enthusiastic following and many outstanding reviews. Just a year later, the company had outgrown the little warehouse and was relocated to a manufacturing centre in Walnut together with a distribution facility in San Dimas. A third move is now on the cards and this will enable all aspects of the operation to be housed under one roof.

The Ruthless Recipe for Success

The Ruthless brand remains incredibly popular and offers flavours which vapers across the globe clearly love. The vaping world is in a constant state of flux and you don’t maintain your position at the top of the tree without offering consistently excellent quality.

Every juice is made using only the finest ingredients including the best available nicotine. Each flavour must satisfy Querido’s demanding palate and he continues to work on new recipes in the Ruthless laboratory. The bases are mixed using USP-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine and all of the Ruthless e liquids are diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free.

Ruthless has become something of a lifestyle brand but one with considerable substance behind the hype. The flavours are exceptional, the juice is of the highest quality and the packaging looks super-cool. Think Relentless with a touch of Metallica!

Available in several nicotine strengths, Ruthless juice offers something for every vaper. The VG/PG balance varies according to what works best for each flavour but most Ruthless varieties feature a high VG content for voluminous clouds.

What’s not to like?

The Great British Vape Off

All the way from California but now available right here in Blighty, the Ruthless collection is well worth trying. We are delighted to offer these amazing flavours here at Vapester and urge you to indulge! Please contribute your reviews of this juice to our site so that we can spread the good news about this outstanding brand.