Nasty Juice

At Vapester, we have scoured the globe for the best ejuice flavours and we thought it was time to get Nasty! Malaysia’s favourite juice is now highly sought-after worldwide and there’s no denying the attraction of award-winning juice which offers original flavours and funky branding.

The Nasty Look The attention-grabbing graphics ensure that this is the right juice to be seen with, if you happen to be image conscious! Looks aren’t everything, of course, but there’s a feel-good factor here that nibbles away at your consciousness. Not that funky packaging is worth bothering with unless the flavours live up to the hype – and they do!

Horribly Delicious E Liquids

Nasty have nailed their look, but it is the fabulous flavours which really set the brand apart. Combining fruity notes with hints of mint, this range is cool in every sense of the word. The flavours are beautifully blended and so will appeal to all vapers, even those who don’t usually enjoy the inclusion of a chilly finish.

Dangerously Good Juice

Nasty Juice hit the vaping scene in 2016 and quickly had vapers scurrying off to post rave reviews. We are showcasing the exceptional 50VG/50PG e liquid series and Yummy Fruity Juice series (also 50VG/50PG) both of which partner distinctive flavours with impressive clouds. Each variety is available in three different nicotine strengths to suit your needs – 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. We have to say that Nasty Juice looks set to become the next big thing.

Check out these bad boys from the 50VG/50PG collection:

ASAP Grape – a wicked fusion of black grapes and berry fruits backed by a hint of mint

Bad Blood – a mean blackcurrant flavour with a cool finish

Devil Teeth – refreshing honeydew melon with mint for added bite

Fat Boy – a cruel fusion of marvellous mangoes and mild mint

Slow Blow – pineapple and lime soda subtly laced with mint

Wicked Haze – a cruelly addictive combo of blackcurrant lemonade and mild mint

Tempt your taste buds with Nasty’s Yummy Fruity Juice:

Cush Man – the juiciest mangoes with just a touch of mint

Green Ape – sour apple candy with a hint of sweetness

Trap Queen – authentic strawberry flavour with mint