Lost Fog Collection

Cosmic Fog whipped up a storm in the vaping world with their exciting gourmet vape liquid range and unique flavours. Their latest triumphs are the premium juices in The Lost Fog collection. Founded in California by two experienced vapers who were searching for the finest flavours, Cosmic Fog never disappoints and now there are even more enticing flavours on the exceptional Cosmic Fog menu!

Vaping À La Carte with The Lost Fog

Brant Peto and Rob Crossley started their exploration into the world of e juice with a loan from their parents. The funding was swallowed up by the purchase of bottles for the new e liquids! With marketing backgrounds and refined vaping palates, the duo set about creating e liquid recipes which would make mouths water and the results justified that investment in so many little bottles!

The Cosmic Fog range met with great success with its carefully conceived blends, each taking several months to evolve. Every flavour has offered an original concept and a delicious taste which vapers have loved. The entire collection remains incredibly popular. So, it made sense for the Cosmic Fog team to create a new collection - entrance The Lost Fog. There are four fabulous flavours to tantalise your taste buds and each is a truly special treat. Together these flavours deliver an enticing a la carte menu to explore.

Cooking the Juice

The Lost Fog e liquids are produced in a state of the art kitchen, Oops! Make that a laboratory! The juice is filtered no less than five times for purity. Each flavour is 70VG/30PG and so produces a truly serious fog, rather a lost one, to partner the impressive flavours.

What’s on the Menu?

There are currently four amazing flavours from The Lost Fog for you to try. Baie Crème delights with its luscious blend of cream, honey passion fruit and exotic berries whilst Neon Creme delivers a rainbow of fruity sherbets. Dapple Whip indulges you with a toffee apple and lashings of whipped cream whilst Streek combines the pleasures of sweet strawberries and savoury Greek Yogurt.

Menu D’Hôte

You can’t argue with the originality of the blends and it’s a shame that there aren’t more of them! But the restricted menu does mean that you can try them all! We look forward to the unique e liquids that The Lost Fog will serve up next! We strongly recommend that you treat yourself to some juice from The Lost Fog Collection. These premium flavours offer a genuinely new experience which you shouldn’t miss.