Founded by enthusiastic vapers, Kik is a British brand offering e liquids which impress with their superior quality, diverse flavours and pleasing price tags. The Kik team were chasing great flavour as well as amazing clouds. On the basis that if you want something done properly, you should do it yourself, they started mixing their own juice.

Now boasting a state of the art liquid lab in Manchester, Kik is going from strength to strength. The team have always been determined to maintain complete control over the quality of their products and so every aspect of production is kept in-house. These guys set out to create the best e liquids and remain incredibly passionate about what they do.

The Kik E Liquid Lab

Kik say that their secret weapon is Nardin, a Chemist who is the brains behind the flavours. It is Nardin who mixes the flavourings to perfect the taste of the juice. Only when she has nailed the flavour and the team have tested it, does production of a full batch begin. Batches are tested using the latest hi-tech equipment and are then bottled for your vaping pleasure.

Kik e liquid flavours

This diverse range features flavours to suit all vapers and we are confident that you will find plenty to please. Whether you favour fruity juice, minty vapes or tobacco blends, there’s something to tempt your taste buds. You will find most of the usual suspects in this collection including menthol, strawberry and blueberry and the base liquid ratio is 80PG/20VG. There are few surprises here, but the quality is great, the flavours are authentic and the prices are reasonable.