Premium quality, unique flavours and memorable branding is a winning combination! Cuttwood was founded in 2013 and quickly became one of the world’s largest and most highly regarded USA e liquid producers.

The team at Cuttwood have garnered huge acclaim and massive success by focussing on quality rather quantity. The collection is small but it is perfectly formed! Offering only seven flavours in the principle series plus three in the Remagined series, Cuttwood deem only the finest juice to be worthy of the brand.

E Liquid from Sunny California

The company is based in what can only be described as the epicentre of the e liquid world right now – Orange County, California. There must be something in the water around those parts as so many of the world’s leading brands are located within spitting distance of each other. Cuttwood manufacture all of their juice in California at their state of the art facility and use only the finest ingredients.

The company was founded by Jared Unger who then approached Austin Hopper of Space Jam for help in building the brand. The two joined forces and were able to deliver a globally successful collection of impressive flavours.

E Liquid Storm in a Milkshake

The Cuttwood success story began with Unicorn Milk, a strawberry milkshake flavour which took the world by storm. It was a flavour which made waves and then sparked a tsunami of controversy.

At one time, this flavour didn’t only taste like a strawberry milkshake, it looked like one too! Jared Unger’s sister was a pastry chef and suggested that Unicorn Milk would look really cool if it was pink and recommended a common food colouring to create the right shade. Jared popped this into the recipe but the colouring contained Titanium Dioxide which may not have been safe to inhale.

As soon as Jared realised that the colouring was a mistake he withdrew it. Cuttwood Juice only featured the pink colouring for 3 weeks. Unicorn Milk and all of the Cuttwood range is now created using the safest ingredients! The controversy certainly didn’t dent Unicorn Milk’s popularity. It remains one of the planet’s most revered flavours.

Cool Cuttwood Branding Makes Waves

The Cuttwood branding has raised a few eyebrows in its time as the original labelling bore a striking resemblance to that of Jack Daniels. The look has been evolved recently and so the similarity is less obvious now. There is no doubt that the branding was a masterstroke whether the reference to the Tennessee distiller was intended or not.

Cooking Up an E Liquid Storm

Unicorn Milk has been followed by six further flavours, each of which has benefitted from rave reviews:

Bird Brains – fruits, cereal and milk

Boss Reserve – cereal, roasted nuts, milk and bananas

Mega Melons – cantaloupe melon, mango and papaya

Mr Fritter –apple and cinnamon fritter

Sugar Drizzle – cream, cinnamon and sugar

Tobacco Trail – tobacco and honey

With fruit, cereal, dessert and tobacco flavours in the collection, Cuttwood have managed to please all palates with just seven flavours. Each juice is 60VG/40PG and so provides a smooth vape, generous clouds and great flavour.

Clouding Over with Reimagined

Having whipped up a storm with an impressive range of unique and complex flavours, Cuttwood then did something unexpected. They decided to turn their attention to single flavours and to give a few perennial favourites a new twist. The result was the Remagined series which has already won many fans. There are currently three flavours to enjoy and the 70VG/30PG juices are sure to appeal to cloud chasers:

Livid Lime – vibrant lime with a hint of sweetness

Outrage Orange – orange flavour with sweet and sharp notes

Manic Mint – fabulous blend of peppermint and spearmint

Cuttwood at Vapester We are delighted to feature Cuttwood juice here at Vapester. You will find all ten flavours, including the Reimagined series, in our range. Which is your favourite? Let us know!