Charlie's Chalk Dust

Interesting brand names in the world of premium eliquid are always likely to grab your attention. A good back story also helps and so if you are starting a business and don’t have a good tear jerker of a tale to tell, what do you?

Make one up of course! Charlie’s Chalk Dust offer a fabulously convoluted explanation for the brand name and the unusual recipes in the collection. But we think that they might have been cooking up a tall tale as well as some great juice. In fact, they have cooked up two tales which are so tall that they would make Pinocchio’s toes curl!

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For the record, the back stories go something like this:

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Tall Tale Number 1

There was a young whipper snapper called, yes you’ve guessed it, Charlie! He was an enterprising little chap who sold vegetables door to door. When the veg was out of season he would flog painted rocks instead. The local housewives, charmed by the youngster, couldn’t get enough of his produce (no euphemism intended!)

Charlie was successful because he fostered good relationships with his customers. Satisfying one’s customers (absolutely no euphemism intended, honest!) is the key to success in sales. (We were wondering where the inspiration for the Dream Cream flavour came from!)

Charlie’s father was, himself, a door to door salesman and he found success peddling electricity. He was given to ringing a large bell in his home to celebrate his successes. Charlie’s father made so much money that he was eventually able to fulfil his ambition to open a restaurant selling delicious treats.

Charlie moved on to delivering papers and when he returned home each day his dad would make him wonderful desserts to enjoy. A chalk board in front of the aforementioned bell, yes we are getting to the point, was where he recorded his recipes. The bell eventually became covered in chalk dust. We bet you didn’t see that coming!

Tall Chalk Dust Tale Number 2

Whilst the above story is recounted by Charlie’s Chalk Dust as an amusing aside, the company proffers a similar tale as the true inspiration for the brand. This one revolves around another Charlie who was a hot dog salesman in the 1920s.

One day, he was visited by a strange man who spoke in poetry and introduced Charlie to new possibilities regarding flavour combinations. When the stranger left, he dropped a piece of paper which featured several unique recipes. This was later discovered, together with Charlie’s diary, by the founders of Charlie’s Chalk Dust.

The Truth About Charlie’s Chalk Dust Ejuice

Sorry to disappoint you but both little Charlie and Charlie the Hot Dog man are almost certainly figments of a very fertile imagination. Which, when you come to think of it, is a good thing because you need a creative mind to come up with amazing flavours and that is exactly what the guys at Charlie’s Chalk Dust have done. To be fair, they have proved to be rather successful at satisfying their customers, so perhaps little Charlie’s story is an appropriate one after all.

The company is based in Orange County, California which is fast becoming the epicentre of e liquid production (fyi Cosmic Fog was also founded there). The e liquid range is created using the finest ingredients and features high VG bases to produce smooth vapes, amazing clouds and great e juice flavor from temperature control mods. The imaginative flavours benefit from equally imaginative names:

Here's the Menu

Dream Cream

Vanilla cream and fudge with a cinnamon finish

Slam Berry

Strawberry ice cream

Head Bangin Boogie

Blueberry popsicle

True Berry Sugar & Knife

Pineapple upside down pancake with blackcurrant maple syrup

Peanut Butter and Jesus

Peanut butter and jam

Mustache Milk

Cereal and milk, just sweet enough

Drama Swirl

Apricot and glazed pastry

Honey Badger

Honey brushed tobacco and cream

Wonder Worm

Gummy worms with sour notes


Creamy vanilla ice cream with salted caramel

Big Belly Jelly

Blueberry and watermelon jelly beans

Jam Rock

Sour apple lollipop

Nicotine strength options are 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.

Impressive E Liquids

So, there you have it! The fabulous flavours with their funky names don’t really need a back story. It’s up to you what you believe about eliquid by Charlie’s Chalk Dust. The creative stories certainly ring true regarding interesting recipes and satisfying one’s clientele and then there’s those pleasing flavours which will certainly ring your bell! It's what vape mods were invented for.

Charlie's Chalk Dust Discount & UK Delivery

Charlie's Chalk Dust is one of the UK's most popular imported eliquid brands and so we offer a great multi-buy deal to help you to try out all of their funky flavours. Mix and match any 3 eliquid by Charlies Chalk Dust flavours and pay the discounted price of just £4.99 per 10ml bottle, instead of the usual price of £5.99. And, you'll also qualify for FREE next day delivery throughout the UK. So just pick your flavours, choose your nicotine strength and you're good to go!

Please note, Charlies Chalk Dust eliquids are high VG with some being 60VG (Dream Cream, Peanut Butter & Jesus, Slam Berry), some 70VG (CCD3, Head Bangin Boogie, Jam Rock, True Berry Sugar and Knife, Big Belly Jelly, Drama Swirl, Honey Badger, Mustache Milk) and finally Wonder Worm which is 80VG. As such they are suited to mechanical mods and advanced vape kits and will not work well in basic starter kits and vape pens. To find out more check out our vape guide here.