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88vape Shortfills

Bringing 88Vape’s incredible value to sub ohm vapers, the Add Nic collection gives you amazing flavours and even more amazing prices. Nine tasty juices ensure that you enjoy impressive variety and they are made in the UK. The 75VG bases are suitable for sub ohm tanks and deliver voluminous clouds. Nicotine-free, they are supplied in short fill bottles to which you can add your nic shots before shaking and vaping.

88Vape Add Nic Flavours

With fruit, dessert, menthol and confectionary e liquids to choose from, there’s something to suit every vaping palate in the Add Nic collection. Tropical Fruits would be a great place to start with its refreshing blend while Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi is incredibly vibrant. New Yorker gives you the taste of the finest vanilla cheesecake and apple crumble lends a touch of tradition to your vaping life. For something just that little bit different, try Rhubarb and Strawberry or Heisen, an incredible bubblegum flavour. The collection is completed by Grape Freeze, Cherry Sherbet and the delicious Pink Lemonade.

What are Short Fills?

The European Tobacco Directive (TPD) introduced new regulations for e liquids. Those containing nicotine must be sold in bottles with a maximum capacity of 10ml. This isn’t terribly practical for regular vapers or the manufacturers and so short fills were introduced. These are bottles containing nicotine-free e liquids plus room to add a nic shot. They neatly get around the TPD regulations and enable you to purchase your vape juice in larger volumes without having to deal with dozens of little bottles.

Are short fill e liquids suitable for your device?

Short fill e liquids are suitable only for sub ohm devices. These are electronic cigarettes with coils that have resistances of less than 1 ohm. This is because short fills feature high VG bases which would clog the high resistance coils in many vape pens, pod systems and starter kits.

All e liquids feature a base liquid and flavourings. The base liquid is a mix of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and propylene Glycol (PG). PG carries flavour better while VG is kinder to your throat and delivers bigger clouds (vapour) but is much thicker in consistency. 88Vape short fills have 75VG bases. This means that they are 75% VG.

Why do short fill e liquids have high VG bases?

You might be asking yourself why you can’t invest in short fills with high PG bases that are suitable for your vape pen or pod system. It’s the nicotine shots which are the primary issue. Nicotine shots are also regulated by the TPD and so can have a maximum strength of 20mg. Most nic shots that you see are 18mg.

When a 10ml nic shot is added to a 50ml short fill, the result is an e liquid with a nicotine strength of 3mg. That’s fine for sub ohm vapers as they receive a more potent hit courtesy of enhanced vapour. The more vapour, the more nicotine is delivered with each puff. Sub ohm vapers are also likely to have quit smoking some time ago and will have reduced the nicotine strength that they vape. If you have recently quit smoking, your cravings will mean that you need a higher nicotine strength than 3mg.

As there is only room for a single nic shot in the short fill bottle, it isn’t possible to achieve the nicotine strength that you require. There wouldn’t be much point in e liquid manufacturers producing bottles with room for several nic shots. This would mean that the flavours were costly and time consuming to complete.

Moving on to sub ohm vaping

If you would like to take advantage of short fill e liquids, reduce your nicotine strength over time. You can then move on to more complex devices or those with low resistance coils. These days, it is possible to invest in sub ohm kits which are incredibly easy to use. They ensure that you can take your pick from the short fill collections of the finest brands. The 88Vape Add Nic flavours would be excellent choices if you are on a budget. You will benefit from incredibly low prices but also fabulous flavours.