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E Liquid Flavours

What's your E Cig Flavour?

As you probably already know, e liquids come in a huge variety of flavours. Here at Vapester.co.uk we have an extensive e liquid flavours list ranging from tobacco to sweets and desserts.

If you hanker after that true smoking experience, we’ve got a range of tobacco e liquid flavours which will really hit the spot.

We have tobacco flavour e-liquids from top manufacturers such as Vampire Vape, Vapemate and Hangsen. Hangsen e liquid tobacco flavours are great for giving you that unique smoking taste and throat hit, for example their tobacco a e liquid is big on taste making it very popular amongst those beginning to use electronic cigarettes. Within the tobacco range there are many different styles and tastes to mimic a wide range of filters, from the stronger brands to the 'Light' brandscigarettes for example strong cigarettes, midler options, rolling tobacco etc. There are even pipe and cigar flavours if that's your thing.

If you're looking to test your taste buds like a true vaper we offer a much wider range of the best flavour e cig liquids. These come in a range of minty menthol, zesty fruit and even drink flavoured e cig liquids. So if you want a change from the taste of tobacco, we’ve got plenty more to offer. Amongst the fruity flavours Blueberry e liquid is very popular amongst electronic cigarette users.

Which E Liquid Strength?

Vaping is a great choice both for those trying to completely move away from smoking, and others who may want a healthier long term lifestyle choice. If you’re only just making the transition from smelly cigarettes, or if you were previously a heavy smoker, you might be looking for a much bigger throat hit with a nicotine strength to match. Below is a quick and simple e liquid nicotine strength guide strength if you're not sure:

0mg - No throat hit

> Suitable for: Those looking for complete freedom from nicotine cravings.

3mg - Almost no throat hit

> Suitable for: Occasional smokers.

6mg - Light throat hit

> Suitable for: People who smoke(d) 0-10 cigarettes per day

12mg - Satisfying throat hit

> Suitable for: People who smoke(d) 10-20 cigarettes per day

18mg - Throat hit similar to a cigarette

> Suitable for: People who smoke(d) 20+ cigarettes per day

Please bear in mind only you can get a true sense of what e liquid strength you need by trying them out. We would always suggest aiming for a slightly lower nicotine level if you can, as, if you buy a liquid that is too strong for your tatse you may find you really can't use it, whereas if you buy one that's a little light for you, you can probably still get some use out of it rathetr than having to throw it away.

We supply e liquids with nicotine in a range of different strengths, starting from 0mg (zero nicotine e liquid) and going up to 18mg. This allows you to pick the e liquid that matches your changing needs. Over time most people tend to gradually reduce their nictone levels so as to completely break their dependence on nicotine.

Quitting your addiction to nicotine doesn’t mean you have to give up on vaping either as all of our cheap e cig liquids on offer are available in no nicotine e liquid strengths. You can choose from an e cig liquid flavour just like cigarettes or something entirely different, such as a cool mint or sweet fruit if you want a break from tasting tobacco.

Easy to Refill E Liquid Bottles

Refilling your e cigarette with our liquids is simple and easy. Our e liquid bottles come with a handy nozzle tip to allow you to simply refill your ecig tank without making a mess. Just remember, when it comes to refilling, always be careful not to get any down the centre tube of your tank as this will stop your coild from working efficiently.

Every batch of the E Liquid we supply to you is fully tested making it safe for you to vape away. Our electronic cigarette liquid comes in child-proof bottles and is fully CHIP compliant.