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We have to admit that the brand name sounds a little threatening! But Vaporized is not a shady organisation trying to obliterate you from the planet. Indeed, their primary aim is to save you, not to atomise you! Vaporized is a business which was inspired by the desire to quit smoking and then to help others to do the same.

A Destructive Habit

Vaporized is a family run business based in Scotland and this is a family who had tried almost every means at their disposal to quit smoking for the sake of their health. But that was proving to be almost impossible until the advent of the electronic cigarette. They were early adopters of the new devices, became vapers rather than smokers, and have never looked back since.

Annihilating the Competition

Having tried literally hundreds of e liquid flavours, the team at Vaporized have become vaping connoisseurs and certainly recognise great juice when they vape it. Using their extensive knowledge and their personal experience, they set about creating a new collection of eliquids for fans of fruit, mint and tobacco flavours. Vaporized Originals in an impressive range of eliquids made in Scotland using the finest ingredients. This is juice which has been evolved to satisfy all vapers and offers carefully conceived takes on classic flavours.

Every eliquid features fully traceable ingredients and is available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths. These 70PG/30VG juices are suitable for all devices and are supplied in 10ml plastic bottles with child-proof caps. So what about those all-important flavours?

Murderously Good Mints

Extra strong, extra cool, indeed extra everything, XXX Menthol is a murderously good sub-zero triumph of a flavour that will knock your socks off. If that sounds like dangerous territory, stick to the slightly less icy Menthol. Mint is a refreshing juice with plenty of zip and Spearmint is a sweeter experience altogether.

Killer Fruits

Vaporized have really hit the spot with their fruity juice. Killer, authentic flavours and just the right amount of sweetness make Cherry and Peach excellent all-day vapes. A little sharper, Apple is a perennial favourite and both Blueberry and Strawberry will satisfy even the most discerning vaper.

Slay the Cravings

With an exceptional collection of tobacco flavours, Vaporized is helping to ensure that vapers can make cigarettes a thing of the past. When withdrawal is making you feel like a bear with a sore head, USA Red, USA Gold, Silver Tobacco and Rolling Tobacco will help you to kill off those cravings and settle in to your vaping adventure. We are delighted to feature the outstanding eliquids from Vaporized in our range. Their authentic flavours and impressive quality just might blow you away!