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It is clear that Element are not a company given to resting on their laurels! Following the enormous success of their Dripper Series, the team started work on their next offering! It was entirely possible that the new collection, FAR E Liquids, would disappoint when compared to the perfect chemistry of its predecessor. But that is FAR from the case as these are some of the best eliquid flavours around!

As with all of Element's impressive vape juices, FAR E Liquids are made in Florida from the finest ingredients. The nicotine in the flavours is extracted from the tobacco plant as opposed to being synthesized in a laboratory. There's an exceptional purity to Element juices and they take a passionate yet scientific approach to everything that they do.

E Liquids Which Hit the Heaven Spot

FAR E Liquids provide you with an enticing menu of sweet treats which really hit the spot - the heaven spot no less. And what is that we hear you ask. If you are not familiar with the Heaven Spot then you are behind the times with your street lingo! When Graffiti artists leave their mark in a particularly hard to reach and dangerous location, they call it a heaven Spot. But what does that have to do with FAR E Liquids?

This collection features graffiti-themed branding which is undeniably cool. OK, we know that the graphics don’t affect the flavour but when it is time to top up your tank, it is always nice to pull out a bottle with some serious street cred. The question is, which flavour will you be topping it up with?

The Vapes that Banksy Would Choose

We haven’t asked him but we think that Banksy would choose FAR E Liquids. Not that we could ask him if we wanted to as nobody knows who he is! But we know about FAR E liquids! There are eight flavours in the collection and you could say that they are works of art. Each is at least 75VG for amazing clouds and so will appeal to sub-ohm vapers.

  • Candy Punch – Sweet rainbow candy flavour which packs a……punch!
  • Grape Vape – Refreshing blend of three different grape varieties
  • Marshmallow Breeze – Surprisingly delicious blend of marshmallow and mint
  • Melon Ball – Refreshing honeydew melon flavour
  • Neon Green Slushie – Zesty lime and chilly menthol
  • Neon Red Slushie – Red berries with a sub-zero menthol finish
  • Pineapple Bliss – Pineapple cubes, mangoes and berries
  • Strawberry Cupcake – Strawberries, vanilla cake and sweet icing – yum!

There isn’t a bad choice here and each flavour is pre-steeped before despatch so it is ready to vape as soon as you receive it. Now could be the perfect time to fill up your sub-ohm tank with something fresh and dope! The FAR E Liquids flavours are vaping masterpieces and should not be missed.