E-liquid cocktailsE-Liquid Flavour Cocktails

Flavoured e-liquids are one of the best things about e-cigarettes, and instead of smelling of stale cigarette smoke, when you make the switch to e-cigarettes - you can look forward to your breath and your clothes smelling considerably fresher. They can also be good for preventing weight gain when you give up smoking, by helping you avoid binging on sweets and chocolate to fight the cigarette cravings.


There is a wide and varied selection of flavours from fruit and berry flavours to coffee and classic tobacco flavours and sweet tasting vanilla and caramel. These flavours are great on their own and it can be quite exciting choosing which flavour you're going to have next, but you can maximise the excitement by mixing some of these flavours together to create your own e-liquid flavour cocktails. They're all made out of the same ingredients, just with added flavour, so it really doesn't matter whether you use them on their own or you mix them together. It won't detract from your overall vaping experience - in fact, it will add to it!


Here are some of our recommendations:


Strawberry & Mint

Strawberry and Mint is one of nature's best combinations and these two flavours go together perfectly and complement each other brilliantly. Strawberry on its on can be really sweet, too sweet for some. And likewise, Mint and Menthol flavours can be too strong a taste for many. When you combine these two flavours together you create the perfect harmony of sweet and sharp. You get the sweet taste of strawberry coupled with the breath freshening taste of mint.


Peach & Mango

This is another one of nature's great combinations and it makes you think of tropical shores and fruity cocktails served on a Caribbean beach. Think tropical fruit juice or fresh tasting fruit sorbet. Delicious! You can alter the amount of each flavour to suit your individual taste, adding more of each until you get the exact amounts which satisfy your taste buds best.


Tobacco & Coffee

One of the things smokers miss about giving up their habit is being able to take a bit of time out to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Many struggle with breaking this association and crave a cigarette every time they have a coffee, even after they've given up. So this flavour combination is the perfect antidote to this and may help you conqueror your habit once and for all.


Vanilla & Coffee

This one is great because it's almost drinking your favourite vanilla latte. Coffee on its own can be a strong flavour, but adding a touch of vanilla can make this flavour more palatable and a really sweet treat to instantly kill your cravings!


Blueberry & Vanilla

It can be tempting to reach for sweet treats and cakes when you give up smoking to tackle the cravings and avoid reaching for a cigarette. This combination of e-liquids is like eating a big, fat juicy blueberry muffin but without all the calories and potential weight gain!