E-Cigarettes: Troubleshooting

E cigarettes troubleshootingIf you're a regular e-cigarette smoker you'll know there are some times when the smoking experience isn't quite as enjoyable as it should be, and something is wrong. If you're new to e-cigarettes, you might have experienced this for the first time and mistakenly assume your e-cigarette is faulty - this isn't the case. There are just a few things you need to do to keep your e-cigarette in perfect working order, so it is an enjoyable experience each and every time you smoke it.


One of the first things you need to do is ensure you invest in a really good e-cigarette. Look for products which comply with quality standards and manufactured by a reputable company. Some of the best products are made by companies in China, where e-cigarettes were first invented. These companies have been producing e-cigarettes for so long, that they have ironed out all the possible problems and they produce the best e-cigarettes on the market. If you don't choose a good quality e-cigarette then you could run into numerous problems like tasting plastic whilst you smoke and other unfavourable experiences associated with poor manufacturing.


Once you've selected a reputable company it is advisable to buy all the parts and the e-liquids from the same company to ensure the best smoking experience possible, to avoid problems with products not working very well together. Most e-cigarette companies offer a starter kit which includes the battery, some also come with a spare. Plus a Clearomizer, which is the part which screws on top of the battery and it's the part that you add the e-liquid to. You'll also get the coils, which are the small metal parts which screw into the centre of the clearomizer. These small parts are actually one of most important parts as they work like a filter and turn the e-liquid into vapour, for you to inhale and blow out as if you were smoking a real cigarette - but without all the dangerous chemicals and smoke. if you don't buy parts and e-liquid from the same company then you could experience a poorer quality vaping experience due to the e-liquid not being suitable for the e-cigarette you're using.


If you've done both of these things and are still having problems like a smoky taste or the e-cigarette not generating any vapour, then try replacing the coil with one of the replacements in your pack, or if you don't have any replacements - it is probably time to replace your current coil with a new one.


If this doesn't fix your problem, then try unscrewing the clearomizer or tank from the battery and look for any dirt, fluff or e-liquid in the parts which screw together. It is a good idea to regularly clean these parts to ensure you always have a good vaping experience. You can do this by using the tip of a cotton bud and circling it around the compartment at the end of the battery and at the end of the clearomizer. You will be able to tell by looking at the cotton bud after you've done this whether or not it was this that was causing you problems - especially if it's really dirty.


Once you re-screw the battery on to the clearmomizer this should have fixed your problem and you can enjoy your e-cigarette experience once again.


E-cigarette Benefits

Smoking regular cigarettes and tobacco products is one of the biggest killers in the UK. There are numerous other downsides to smoking traditional tobacco products too, such as the extortionate price for a packet of cigarettes, which keeps going up year after year as the government attempts to discourage people from smoking and reduce the burden on the NHS. As smoking is now illegal in public places, if you want to continue smoking you will now have to go and stand outside in the rain, cold and snow - which makes smoking even less appealing. Not to mention turning the noses of your friends and family when you you go back inside, stinking of smoke, with bad breath and the smell lingering on all your clothes for the rest of the day/ evening.


You may also run into problems when trying to obtain travel, home and life insurance due the dangers of smoking and the associated health conditions. So it really does pay to make the switch the an e-cigarette. And by doing so, you will improve your health and have more cash in your pocket.


Some of the benefits of making the switch include:

- You will save a huge amount of money, as a pack of 20 cigarettes is now the best part of £10 - which adds up to over £300 per month if you're a moderate smoker and even more if you're a heavy smoker. It costs far less, in comparison, to use an e-cigarette. The e-liquid you will need to purchase to top up your e-cigarette costs only £2.99 - £5.99 and most users only require one of these liquids per month, so you will save at least £280 per month by giving up smoking and switching to e-cigarettes.


- Another huge benefit is not inhaling the smoke, tar and other chemicals which regular cigarettes contain and the chemicals which are responsible for causing smoking-related conditions such as lung cancer and other fatal diseases.


- Your breath and your clothes will smell much fresher and instead of the nasty smell and tell-tale signs of cigarette smoking, you will now smell of mint, strawberry or whichever other variety of e-liquid you choose to go for.


- Your friends and family, particularly children, will be really proud and happy that you;ve decided to give up your old habit. It can be really worrying for friends and family members to watch someone they love go on damaging their health and risking really serious diseases by continuing to smoke. They will be really glad to see you choosing to use an e-cigarette instead, and you can look forward to less nagging!


- One of the best benefits for many recovering smokers, is being able to use your e-cigarette indoors, especially when you have been used to having to go and stand outside in all weathers. So you can look forward to having a cup of coffee and relaxing with your e-cigarette, or whilst you having a glass of wine with friends.