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The question of dripping vs. sub-ohm tanks is one of convenience vs. vapor production, but the gap between the two is quickly narrowing. Learn more with this straightforward guide.


The new TPD regulations are coming in May 2017 and will affect UK vapers in numerous ways - many unpopular. On the plus side the new regulations will mean increased product testing and checking that should, in turn, lead to increased consumer safety. 

On the downside however

  • You'll no longer be able to buy e liquid in 30ml bottles (which tend to be the most popular size).
  • You'll only be able to buy tanks with a maximum capacity of 2ml which means you'll need to fill up more often, and may result in poorer flavour due to the reduced size of coils.
  • You'll no longer be able to buy e liquids in 24mg strength - 18mg will be the strongest allowed by law.
  • Choice will be reduced as many suppliers will cease to trade

In addition to this anyone with half a brain can see that this signifies the initial stpes by the governemt to control the market. The next logical step, of course, will be taxation to try to re-coup what they are losing on declining cigarette sales.

AND, as many of the smaller manufacturers can't afford the compliance costs required to meet these new standards, they will undoubtedly fold, meaning more power (and market share) returns to the Big Tobaco companies who have virtually unlimited funds to try to dominate the vaping market.

So, all in all, it would be fair to say that these new rules are likely to offer significantly more cons than pros for most vapers but it remains to be seen what the long-term impact really is.


Despite all the negative press and public suspicion the e-cigarette may prove to be one of the most important inventions of modern times, saving millions of lives in countires all over the world.

Here we find out how this incredible invention came into being and the people who worked to make it happen.


It might seem hard to believe sometimes but vapers in the UK have an easy ride. Right now you can purchase whatever equipment and e-liquids that take your fancy. You can then use them to vape pretty much anywhere where smoking is permitted and even in many places where it isn’t. There will be more restrictions when the new EU directive comes into force this June. But we will discuss that elsewhere.


What you really want to know right now is whether or not you can vape on your holiday. Are you heading for vaping paradise or vaping hell?


Well that is going to depend on exactly where you are going. As there are over 200 hundred nations on this planet of ours, there are far too many to discuss here. If we attempted such a feat you would all be asleep before you got halfway through the alphabetical list. Either that or you would be so enraged at the laws in some countries that your head will have exploded. This wouldn’t be helpful for those heading for Venezuela or Zambia.

 Vaping abroad



Vape Cafe Belfast

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A new Vape Cafe which is set to open in Belfast later this month is a dream come true for many ex-smokers who miss being able to smoke in public places and enjoy a relaxing smoke with a cup of coffee.

The opening of this new venture reaffirms the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, which is in part due to them being legal to smoke in public places.


Best e-cigarette

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So, you’ve taken the brave decision to finally give up smoking and kick your filthy habit. You’ve set a date and purchased your last, official packet of cigarettes and you’ve made the excellent decision to switch to vaping. But, ask any seasoned vaper and they will tell you: the key to being successful and making giving up smoking a reality, lies in selecting the right equipment and the best e-cigarette - to avoid some of the pitfalls, which result from using poor quality equipment.

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