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Advanced Vaping E Cig Mods

If you've become a connoisseur of the vaping world, sooner or later you might want to start exploring e cig mods to provide a more personalised and powerful vaping experience. Vaping mods aren't for beginners, and if you're only a social and irregular user of your e cig, you probably won't need one. However, for anyone who likes to indulge in vaping regularly and particularly those who want to create large clouds of vapour then vape mods offer the next step towards providing the ultimate vaping experience.

Why go with Vaping Mods?

Normal ego electronic cigarettes are easy to use and portable, they can be slipped discreetly into a pocket wherever you go, but a device this size doesn't have the most powerful battery and will only keep you going for a few hours. A vaping mod on the other hand is a way of beefing up your e cig, improving the battery life considerably as well as offering a lot of other benefits which include the ability to use a Subtank. Overall e cigarette mod kits are for those who are seeking more control from their electronic cigarette, getting better flavour from their e liquid and producing greater vapour.

What is a Mechanical Mod?

For those who are really wanting to create a personalised vaping experience then mechanical mods can offer this, but to use one it's essential to understand some of the basics about wattage and voltage. Your research here is essential!

A mechanical mod is a very basic form of atomizer, with a rechargeable battery held inside the casing. Unregulated current is pushed to the coil when a button is manually pressed. There's no circuitry used to help regulate the current which is why it's a type of vaping mod which should only be used by those with some knowledge about how to set one up.

What is a E Cig Box Mod?

As the name suggests a box mod is a type of vaping mod which is larger and box sized. This means it's not so convenient to carry out and about, but it's a great way to supercharge your vaping experience.

This size means it's capable of housing a far more powerful battery, delivering not only a vaping experience which is more satisfying than a standard e cig, but also offering a longer time before recharging is required.

Box mods such as the Aspire ESP 30W, one of the best e cig mod kit around, also have features such as pass-through technology which means you can carry on vaping even while it's being charged.

E Cig Mods: Variable Wattage

One of the most exciting features that the box mods have is variable wattage settings. Variable wattage allows for you to control the power delivered to the atomizer and in turn fine tune to your desired vaping needs. Mostly variable wattage can enhance e liquid flavours, control the amount of throat hit as well as produce different amounts of vapour by means of adjusting the amount of heat delivered to the heart of your tank.

Some models of box mods even remember the setting which was last used to save you having to adjust it each time you vape.

Overall E Cig Mod Experience

The overall experience when using vaping mods is cranked up compared to standard e cig starter kits, but for beginners the sensation can be slightly overwhelming. Therefore e cig mods are typically used by more experienced vapers who know exactly what they want from their vaping.