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"Having vaped for three years I have gone to a lot of different places to purchase my e-liquid both in person and online. A lot of the time the problems I have faced is either being overcharged for the liquid, or receiving extremely rude and awful customer service. 
Vapester is by far the best retailer of vaping products by far. I was kept fully updated on the progress of my order, and when I have been in touch with their staff they were pleasantly friendly. The prices are great and are quite a bit cheaper than their competitors. 
Vapester is a must for any vapers who want value for money, a wide range of products, fast and efficient delivery and excellent customer service."

Kayleigh S

E Liquids and Electronic Cigarettes at Vapester

With an impressive and diverse range of TPD compliant e liquids and high-quality e cigarettes, vape kits and vaping accessories - Vapester is the home of quality vaping! We've been selling eliquids since 2014 and are proud of the fact that we've helped thousands of people to discover a healthier alternative to smoking. Enough said? Probably! But if you would like to know more about our premium e juice, UK e liquid and fabulous vape kits, read on!

The Best E Liquid Is Only A Few Clicks Away

What exactly is the finest vape juice? Variety is the spice of life and so you may need a range of e juice flavours in your locker. The best vape juice for you might also be dictated by your vaping style and choice of device. If you are a sub ohm vaper, then high VG e cig liquid will enable you to chase those clouds. On the other hand, if you are new to vaping, our high PG vape liquid is big on flavour with a satisfying throat hit and represents outstanding value. Either way, you will discover a comprehensive and exciting range of vape juice for sale here at Vapester - and we always price to please.

Vape Juice Flavours to Savour...

With fruit e liquid, dessert e liquid, tobacco e liquid, savoury flavours, confectionery juice and menthol e liquid, we offer all of your favourite flavours. The best e juice is a matter of personal taste and, if your palate craves the weird and wonderful, then we have that too! Our e juice flavours are available in a variety of nicotine strengths to suit your needs, including zero nicotine options and with cheap e liquids and premium e liquid flavours, we have the perfect solutions for your budget as well as your vaping taste. And all orders over £9 enjoy free UK delivery!

What Is The Best E Cig Juice for Beginners?

If you are new to vaping, you are probably beginning to wonder what we are talking about! There’s a great deal of vaping jargon to get your head around and it can be hard to choose vape juice when you don’t know your PG from your VG or your sub ohm tanks from your mechanical mods. But don’t worry! Our handy guides explain how vaping could help you to quit tobacco cigarettes and will enlighten you as to the vaping equipment available. You can also learn all about base liquid ratios (PG and VG) and we answer the questions you might have about the safety of vaping.

You will also discover a guide to the European Tobacco Directive (TPD) in our vape blog. This explains how the new regulations impact vapers, why we are selling TPD compliant e liquids and why your chosen vape e juice is now only available in 10ml bottles. For even more vaping information and the latest news as well as fun posts like this one about weird health facts, visit our vape blog.

Our Eliquid UK & USA Brands

Now for the interesting bit! You are probably raising your eyes to the heavens and thinking enough already! What you really want to hear about is our eliquid menu! Here at Vapester you can expect the best e juice flavours whether you are searching for cheap vape juice, premium e liquids or simply the tastiest choices. You can chase clouds with our high VG juice which delivers amazing vapour production and explore both new and innovative blends to find your perfect eliquid flavour. We offer the planet’s most popular and adventurous e liquid brands - and you can rest assured that every bottle we sell is TPD compliant eliquid. So, if you want to buy e liquid today, here’s the range of eliquid brands you will find at

Hangsen E Liquid

The world’s most successful e liquid brand, Hangsen, delivers an impressive range of eliquids. The attractive prices belie the quality of the e cig juice as Hangsen are dedicated to creating quality e juice using the purest ingredients. With juice for sale globally and millions of bottles sold every month, Hangsen have clearly nailed the art of flavoursome e liquids. Indeed, this range is so popular that it is often faked. If you want the genuine article though, you are in the right place! There are far too many Hangsen e liquid flavours to mention here. Suffice it to say, the Hangsen range has it all going on including tobacco eliquid, fruity juice, sweet e liquids, sub-zero menthol eliquid and vape breakfast classics. If you're looking for a cheap UK e liquid you really can't go far wrong with the Hangsen range.

Hangsen Honor Series

Honouring the vaping community worldwide and Hangsen’s most popular e juices, the Hangsen Honor Series features 20 amazing ecig liquid flavours with 50VG/50PG bases including tobacco eliquid, . You can expect exceptional flavours including Rhubarb and Custard e liquid, Strawnilla, Double Mint, RY4 Tobacco and Red Energy.

Beard Vape Co

An iconic brand which has taken the vaping world by storm, Beard Vape Co offers e liquids which already enjoy legendary status and these impressive vape juices don’t even have names! The team at Beard Vape have ignored the trend for funky monikers and have given their e cig liquid flavours numbers instead. After testing hundreds of recipes, the Beard Vape team have created a small, but exceptional, collection of unique and delicious juice. Look out for Beard Vape No 05, a yummy take on New York cheesecake and Beard Vape No 32 which offers the taste of indulgent funnel cake. No 51 is a creamy custard eliquid and, if you prefer things fruity, No 64 combines raspberries with hibiscus.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust

With a charming backstory which merely flirts with reality, Charlie’s Chalk Dust is an attention-grabbing brand. Happily, one with vape juice flavours which will satisfy your elevated expectations. The creative geniuses who came up with the emotive back story turned their talents to flavour profiles and produced amazing e liquids with equally impressive names! The high VG bases will appeal if you are a sub ohm vaper and how could you possibly resist investigating e cig liquids with names like Head Bangin Boogie, Peanut Butter and Jesus, Dream Cream and Wonder Worm? The delicious flavours keep on coming so Charlie’s Chalk Dust is no one hit wonder!

Cosmic Fog

There are six cosmic fog premium eliquid flavours to choose from and we offer them all here at Vapester. This is a small collection but one featuring unique and innovative e liquids which deliver truly impressive vapes. Each flavour took up to ten months to perfect and Cosmic Fog have achieved true greatness with their menu. The 70VG/30PG e juices deliver out of this world vaping experiences and the much-vaunted Milk and Honey remains the most popular choice. The Shocker and Sonrise are fruity juices, Kryp and Chewberry will satisfy your confectionery cravings and Sonset completes the a la carte offering with a unique blend of Japanese Nashi pears, crème brûlée and salted caramel. Now that really is cosmic!

The Lost Fog Collection

A premium e juice range from Cosmic Fog, The Lost Fog Collection offers yet more enticing flavours for you to vape. Baie Crème delights your senses with its luxurious blend of cream, honey, passion fruit and exotic berries whilst Neon Creme delivers fizzing fruity sherbets. Dapple Whip indulges your sweet side with a toffee apple and lashings of whipped cream whilst Streek combines sweet strawberries and savoury Greek yogurt. You'll soon be reaching for your tank and box mod when these amazing flavours arrive on your doorstep!


It didn’t take long for Cuttwood to become one of the world’s most successful juice co’s and it isn’t difficult to see why. Combining premium quality, unique flavours and a memorable look, Cuttwood juice delivers on every level! This is a small, but carefully curated, collection of fine e cig juice which began with the celebrated Unicorn Milk, a strawberry milkshake flavour which wowed vapers everywhere. This was followed by the best-selling e liquids Bird Brains, Boss Reserve, Mega Melons, Mr Fritter, Sugar Drizzle and Tobacco Trail. With cereal, fruit, tobacco and dessert elements together with 60VG/40PG bases, these fine juices represent tailored vapours with something to please all vaping palates. Cuttwood also produce the Remagined range, a clever capsule collection of popular single flavours which have been given a new twist. This is a premium eliquid range that you'll definitely want to sample!

Dinner Lady

This iconic brand was a new kid on the vaping block in 2016 but quickly hit the headlines with its nostalgic dessert eliquids. Selling out of juice at their first expo, the team at Dinner Lady discovered that they had hit the proverbial nail on the head with their premium UK e juice. Old school branding is partnered by delicious dessert flavours to ensure that everybody comes back for seconds! These original e liquids are classic British school puds in a bottle. There are currently four flavours to sample – Lemon Tart, Cornflake Tart, Rice Pudding with Jam and Strawberry Custard. Dinner Lady have also recently introduced a new range, aptly named Summer Holidays.

Liquid State Vapors

Celebrating the foody treats and beverages associated with the various US states, this range pays homage to the USA whilst offering impressively tasty juice. Liquid State vapes feature layered flavours and original blends. The team are working their way around the US, so if your favourite American indulgence is missing from the menu, watch this space! Right now, you can enjoy Apple Butter, Cali Colada, Coney Cake, Orange Dream, Passion Punch and Sweet Leaf. Only 44 more flavours to create then!


An original collection of fruity juices, the Ruthless range features unusual cocktails, high VG bases and a few surprises! Founded by a vaper who felt that the available juice lacked imagination, Ruthless provides funky takes on fruity vapes including EZ Duz It, a refreshing blend of strawberry and watermelon and Swamp Thang with its sharp apple candy flavour. You should also sample Slurricane, Jungle Fever, Grape Drank, Rise and Rise on Ice (fyi where you see 'on ice' in the name this means these are menthol eliquids). Each flavour has proved highly popular and so there are sure to be more amazing e cig juices to follow.

Vampire Vape

The vaping revolution enabled a certain group of expert flavourists to sink their teeth into e liquids and the result was Vampire Vape. Made in the UK and not Transylvania, these high-quality juices are mixed using premium ingredients and so won’t come back to bite you! But what about the flavours? Well, there’s something to suit all vapers (and vampires) including fruity recipes like Vamp Toes, icy flavours like Ice Menthol and Berry Menthol (if you love your lolly vapes) together with the iconic Heisenberg and Pinkman! This is an eliquid UK brand that may well live forever (wooden stakes not withstanding).


Fruit flavours are officially vapers’ favourites and Vapemate have capitalised on their popularity by creating a chart-topping collection of fruit eliquids including Citrus Punch and Black Cherry. You will also discover ravishing retro sweets eliquids and delicious dessert e liquids. So, whether Cola cubes or New York Cheesecake is your thing, Vapemate offer great juice that you will turn to again and again. This is another e liquid UK brand to watch as they are definitely going places.


With dangerously delectable juice, the Vaporized e liquid UK collection is sure to blow you away. Aiming to obliterate the opposition with their amazing flavours, the team at Vaporized have come up with storming e juices which appeal to fruit, tobacco and mint fans. The 70PG/30VG e liquids are suitable for all devices and include the seriously sub-zero XXX Menthol, Cherry, Peach and Rolling Tobacco.

The Yorkshire Vaper

No prizes for guessing where this vape juice emanates from! This is a new collection that is worth keeping an eye on. The signature offering is Custard Cream and it has to be said that custard eliquid dominates the flavours but The Yorkshire Vaper is diversifying so the selection of perfect puds now also includes Jam Doughnut and Key Lime Cheesecake. Yum! These high VG (80VG/20PG) eliquids are made from the finest ingredients and deliver intense flavour.


Ok, the vowels are missing from the brand name but it won’t surprise you to hear that WFFL is a collection of vapes based on Belgian waffles. What you can look forward to and relish is a wonderful selection of toppings! There are four fabulous 70VG e cig liquids in this collection - Almond & Caramel, Blueberry, Lemon Curd and Strawberries & Cream.

Wick Liquor

A backstory which tells of moonshiners tackling the arid desert to reach the big city conceals the fact that Wick Liquor is based in Staffordshire! So, no deserts there then! But the juice hits the spot with complex blends and unusual flavours. So, expect the unexpected when you vape the 80VG Boulevard, Carnival, Contra, Deja Voodoo and Santa Barbara.


A capsule collection from Next Day Vapor Products, Whip’d gives you interesting vapes with flavours based around whipped cream. Whip’d Strawberry and Whip’d Breakfast bring something new and indulgent to the table in the shape of tasty, smooth and moreish vape liquid that you won’t want to be without.

Vaping Equipment

As you can see, we feature some of the best e liquid brands on the planet. There are so many amazing flavours to choose from that it is going to take you some time to work your way through them all. But you won’t be sampling juice any time soon without an electronic cigarette at your disposal! If you need a tank, coils or starter kit that you can rely on, we have great choices from Innokin and Aspire.

So What's Your Eliquid Flavour?

At Vapester you will discover premium vapes like Suicide Bunny and Nasty Juice, cheap e juice, impressive starter kits, vaping accessories and a world of amazing flavour. All you need to do now is choose your juice and, if you find that difficult with so much to pick from, snap! Because we do too! Don’t forget to take advantage of our special discounts and cheap multi-buy deals and remember all orders over £9 get free UK delivery!

Good luck with making your choice from our ever-growing range of eliquid UK and USA brands!


Do not buy electronic cigarettes or ecig liquid if you are under the age of 18, are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients of e-liquids (Propylene Glycol and Vegeteble Glycerin in particular), suffer from other health issues or are a pregnant or breast feeding woman. Electronic Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance, and are intended for use by those who already smoke as a substitute for traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you're unsure of the effects of nicotine and/or you suffer from the disease of Tobacco/Nicotine Dependence Syndrome it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

An electronic cigarette is NOT intended as a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).